World Breastfeeding Week

Its World Breastfeeding Week! It occurs August 1-7 every year. I am definitely an advocate for breastfeeding! *Side note: Fed is best, do what works for you.*

I am so blessed that I was able to breastfeed Lukas for so long, 16 months to be exact. It was definitely harder when I had to go back to work but the struggle was worth it. I am also SUPER blessed because somehow he self weaned. He just decided one day he was good, and he never looked back.

Taking a small moment to give myself a pat on the back…

I’m so glad there is a lot more conversation and support around breastfeeding today. I’m hoping it encourages more mothers to seriously look into it, especially mommas of color. Breastfeeding isn’t easy by far but it is definitely worth it!

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