Chattanooga Bites – Slick’s



Want a delicious burger or chicken sandwich in Chattanooga? What about some truffle fries and a cold beer? I’m sure you said yes and if so, you need to head to Slick’s!


It’s a local place that is covered in character from the style of the building and location to the food that you order. Burgers come in 3 sizes; the Baby, the Sissy, and the Slick. At 4.0 oz the sissy is more than enough. I have tried to a slick on occasion and it was more than I bargained for! The menu also include salads, hot dogs & even lamb burgers.


My wife loves their fried chicken sandwich with provolone and bacon.


My favorite is the Pittsburgh style with french fries slaw and cheddar cheese and bacon.


For a little adventure I get the baby sizes, which are like sliders, with their different toppings.


This place has been a little jewel of ours to visit. With their great menu and friendly staff Slick’s is definitely some where to come back too.


We often go early on the weekends but they tend to have live music and other events going on, especially in the summer. Check their Facebook to see what’s coming up on their calendar.

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