Chattanooga Brunch – Maple Street Biscuit Company



We are definitely fans of breakfast/ brunch spots so when we heard that Maple Street Biscuit Company was opening a second location in Chattanooga we knew we had to check it out. My parents had been to the downtown spot and raved about it but we never made it down there. This new location is right by the mall and all the other little shops we are always going to so it was much more convenient.

Although the name implies delicious biscuits, there is plenty to enjoy on their menu. I’m a major fan of waffles myself (like my girl Leslie Knope lol) so when I saw those on the menu I had to have them. Even better when they come with chicken!


Hubby has become a fan of “The Farmer” which is a biscuit with chicken, bacon cheeses and apple butter. He also grabs the hash brown cake as a favorite side item.


The food was delicious and the service was great too. Everyone was so nice! We’ve been back quite a few times and love to grab a to go order on our lazier days. One of my favorite aspects of the restaurant is the way they call your order. Each time we visit there is a different question posted on a board. Your answer to the question is the name of your order. Questions range from the name of your favorite Disney character to what you’d name your autobiography. It’s funny to hear the responses being yelled out. “Mickey Mouse order up!”


Definitely check them out the next time your in Chattanooga looking for a breakfast bite. You won’t be disappointed!


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