A reminder of faith


God is good, all the time.

But there are always moments in life that remind you of how great He truly is. Being pregnant is an amazing blessing but knowing the type of person I am, I’m always going to have some nagging worry in the back of my mind.

I have had smooth sailing throughout my pregnancy; no morning sickness, still able to work out, no major food aversions ( I’ve always been picky lol). But when we had our 20 week anatomy scan they gave us a bit of news that had me stressing. The doctor said the baby looked good and his heart rate was fine but they saw a small dark spot on the ultrasound near his chest that they were concerned with. I had to have a follow up appointment with a specialist.

*And cue the freak out!* I was a wreck as soon as I left the appointment. Like hysterical crying and all. I knew it could be nothing, but in my mind it could also be EVERYTHING!

Well my follow up appointment was a week later, which is today. In that time I prayed harder than I had in a while. I always prayed over our lil guy but now I stopped many times throughout the day to thank God for bringing me this far and to cover our baby.

We had our appointment this morning and….they saw nothing! The little spot was gone. They said it may have just been a shadow or something when they did my last ultrasound. They took plenty of pictures and lil guy was just kicking and rolling around. They said our baby looked good and healthy!

I cannot thank God enough for hearing our prayers!

I also feel like this little test was a reminder to us that parenthood can be unpredictable and even scary at times. It will be our job to remain as calm as possible for our little guy and continue to put our faith in God.


And as my devotional today said…

There are always going to be troubles. These are aspects of life that we need to embrace and realize that with God’s help we are going to get through them.”


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