The little things

So what makes a relationship worthwhile? We aren’t experts for sure but we are approaching 5 years of being together and 1 year of marriage. And with that experience I can truly say that what matters in the long run is the little things..

Little things like

*Starting the day – Do you rush to make it out the door on time? We had to make the sacrifice of getting up a little earlier because we love having time to just sit together on the couch, breathe, and pray before we start our day. A set of books that really helped us in this practice is Thirty One Prayers for My Husband & Thirty One Prayers for My Wife. Even if you don’t live together, a sincere good morning text or call makes a difference.


*Coming home – Just like when starting the day, when you come back together take time to be present and appreciate each other’s company. Sit the phones down for a few and catch up or watch a favorite TV show. Or start cooking up dinner together. Just enjoy being together.

*Showing you care – Don’t wait until a holiday to show love to your mate. We leave goofy notes for each other anytime one of us goes outta town or has to be away for extended time. Figure out something small and feasible you can do to show and little love.

*Do your part – A romantic relationship, like any other, requires work & compromise. Make sure you are doing your fair share. For example my husband is the chef of the house so I try to stay on top of the dishes. I’m always begging him to drive but always volunteer my car.

Take time to attend to the little things and it can really make the relationship more meaningful.

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