Wedding Series – The Honeymoon & Beyond


We checked in and headed straight to the beach 🙂


We looked at Groupon and popular travel sites when planning our honeymoon but we got a better deal with my teaching association (score!). When and where you travel for your honeymoon is definitely going to make a difference in the final cost. We traveled to Mexico in July so that could have been pretty pricey but it pays to shop around!

We made sure to get our passports about 3 months before we planned to travel. My passport had my maiden name since I knew I wouldn’t have my license changed by the time we traveled.

**It doesn’t hurt to mention you’re on your honeymoon when traveling. You never know what kind of perks you can score, like free champagne on the flight 🙂 **


We stayed at a Viva Wyndham Resort. There were onsite restaurants as well as a buffet area, a little club and hang out area, gift shop, pools and direct access to the beach, plus other common amenities like a gym and business center.

The food wasn’t that impressive but I am one of the world’s pickiest eaters. The unlimited drinks definitely made up for the food lol. Plus I packed a few snacks and grabbed some whenever we hit the gift shop. And in all reality we weren’t there for the food. Our agenda mainly included lounging on the beach, parasailing and splashing around in the ocean.


We ventured off the resort a few times to shop and go to a few other restaurants (and find a Starbucks!) There were a few stores and shops within walking distance. Whenever we wanted to travel a little farther we took a taxi cab. Not too expensive.

Overall our honeymoon was amazing! We stayed about 6 days.

Honeymoon Planning Tips
If you are going out of the country make sure you apply for your passport early
– Consider buying a “dummy” ring for the honeymoon. I knew I would be heartbroken if something happened to my ring so I bought one off Amazon that resembled my ring and left the real one safe at home.
– Have a currency converter on your phone if you are going out of the country.
-If you’re heading somewhere with a beach you should definitely hang on the beach at night or catch a nice sunrise. (We did both lol)
– Soak it in!! It won’t last forever

When we got back from the honeymoon our marriage certificate was waiting! It came so quick because our wedding planner made sure to mail off the marriage license ASAP. I quickly changed my name on my license and S.S. card when we were settled back in at home. There are definitely some things I haven’t changed over yet happens. But I’ll get to it eventually. Men are so lucky they don’t have to deal with name changes!

Now we are approaching month 8 of being happily married! Time flies when you’re madly in love ( and working, and adulting!)  It has been such a beautiful adventure so far, looking forward to even more fun.

Thanks for reading our wedding series. Questions? Want a list of our vendors? Let us know 🙂

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