Wedding Series – The Big Day!

There are many wedding events leading up to the big day. Of course you have your choice of what all you want to participate in.

We had..
– An Engagement party
– Bridal Shower
– He had a Bachelor party
– Rehearsal Dinner

So after our rehearsal dinner hubby and I went our separate ways. I stole my mom away from my dad and she hung out with me for the night. We got all emotional and she painted my toes. I finished up my vows and started on my letter to Tracy. Then we went to sleep ( after a lot of tossing and turning!).

Hubby’s bachelor party was the night before the wedding. He had a fun time with the guys then woke up to grab food and make it to the venue.

The next morning I woke up to get my hair done. Then I met my ladies at the venue so we could hang in the bridal suite. We relaxed until make up time. I was so excited I couldn’t eat since the rehearsal dinner but other than that I was good lol. My mom got us Subway for lunch but once again, couldn’t eat.

My wedding planner had everything running like a well oiled machine so I didn’t have to do a thing. We hung out in the bridal suite playing music, scrolling through our phones and taking pics until it was time to start getting dressed. Then we took photos in and outside. Hubs arrived sometime between us taking photos but the guys were in a separate area.

Tracy and I did first touch photos and exchanged sweet letter but did not see each other before the wedding.


After his photos and mine we headed back to our areas and waited until it was time to start. Then one by one my ladies left me until it was just me and my maid of honor. We had a sentimental moment and then she was off too! Next thing you know, my dad was waiting for me :). We had to carry an umbrella because it started to sprinkle but they say rain is good luck right?


Then down the aisle we went. It was all a blur. I saw Dad. I saw my Honey. Everything else was just a blur of love and flowers lol.  The ceremony was short and sweet! Then guest headed to a cocktail hour while we took family photos in the ceremony space. We had pizza and Chicago mix popcorn as well as a few drinks available during the cocktail hour.

Then our bridal party entered to the “All That” theme song and hubby and I came into the Lego Movie song “Everything is Awesome”. We had our first dance to “Stay With You” by John Legend. Dad and I danced to “What a Wonderful World” and Hubs and his mom danced to “Mama” by Boys 2 Men.


Then food time :). Our caterers were amazing and after we filled out a survey they provided us with the best menu ever! Standout items include Caesar salad skewers, Burger sliders, Macaroni and Cheese Egg Rolls, and Honey and Porter Glazed Chicken Lollipops. We also had a signature drink for bride and groom.

We did cut the cake but we skipped the garter and bouquet toss. We planned on doing them but we ended up having too much fun to want to stop for those events. Plus to me, having him go under my dress in front of a crowd is just a little odd.


We had a photo booth which was a blast and we got copies of all the photos as well as the guests right on the spot! Our DJ was awesome and we had a donut tower.

We had a sparkler send off before loading up in the limo and rolling out.


We took the limo around the city, (then to our apartment because my handsome new husband forgot to pack an overnight bag), then back to the hotel. We arrived to cheers at the hotel which was pretty nice. They also had wine and chocolate in the room. We ordered some food to the room and crashed! The next morning we had a great family brunch in the hotel.

Then my parents helped us bring home our gifts and wedding accessories. We relaxed for 2.5 seconds then started packing for the honeymoon!

That will be part 4…coming soon!

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