Wedding Series – Engaged!

Hubs and I are approaching our 7th month of wedded bliss! Since we were so recently married and it’s the month of Love I though it would be the perfect time to share a little of our personal story. I have broken it down into 4 parts and plan to post one a week…plan to lol

Proposal & Engagement
Wedding Planning
The Big Day
Honeymoon & Beyond

I gave some background in an earlier post but we were together for 4 years when we got engaged. We lived together about 3 of those 4 years. I’m not gonna lie, I was getting antsy about us getting married because we knew that’s what we wanted to do but I had to realize that it wasn’t up to me and my timeline. Plus I knew he had talked to my Dad about it so I tried (keyword “tried”) to calm it down.


I was in grad school and had horrible 4 hour Saturday classes back to back. Luckily one Saturday the afternoon class was cancelled. Tracy had been asking me all week what I wanted to do that weekend but all I could think about was school so I kept putting it off. He made plans for us but wouldn’t tell me what they were. He picked me up from my morning class and took us to get massages 🙂

I didn’t think anything of it, we had gotten a couple’s massage before, but he was acting a little goofy as we filled out forms beforehand. We got great relaxing massages and then they left us alone to get dressed. I was looking for my jewelry in my purse and was getting frustrated that I couldn’t find another ring he had bought me (probably to shut me up some lol). I was even more upset he wasn’t helping! Frazzled and still digging through my purse I said “I can’t find my ring!”. He answered, “That’s not your ring, this is.” I turned around and he was down on one knee!


When we left the room everyone was cheering. He had told them he was proposing when he made the appointment. I was so excited!! We went to dinner and called all our family and a few friends. We purposely waited until the next day to post anything to social media because we wanted to enjoy it privately. It was our celebration after all.

We also took time to enjoy being engaged (about a month) before we started any real wedding planning. Of course I bought all the magazines but that was just for fun 🙂


We had an engagement party in November.

We also took engagement pictures. Totally optional of course but I’m always down for a reason to throw a party or take photos! We were engaged for 10 months total.

Next up…

Wedding Planning


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