Finding a great gift for your partner

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Shopping for a loved one over the holidays is a tough task. So shopping for a spouse just weeks after can be darn near impossible. My lovely hubby has a birthday about 4 weeks after Christmas and although giving gifts is something I thoroughly enjoy, finding something awesome so quickly after Christmas can be a daunting task. So here are a few tips

1. Listen!

Seriously! It may sound simple but often your spouse will directly state things they want. If you hear your sweetie mention something small like a new kitchen gadget or cute sweatshirt try to snag it! It shows you’re being considerate but also that you listen and many people value that.

2. Check their pintrest

So obviously this only works if they have a pintrest but often you can gain some insight by looking into what your partner is frequently posting or liking in social media.

3. Just ask

If you bring up gift ideas in random unrelated conversations your partner may not even catch on. If you know they like video games, randomly ask what new game is popular. Log it in your phone and shop later.

4. Think of their interests

I know my hubby likes good drinks and nice watches. He also loves wood jewelry since his wedding band is wood and rose gold. So when I found a watch made out of wood from a whiskey barrel I knew it would be perfect. It wasn’t a gift he mentioned but he loved it because it combined things he was already a fan of.

Hopefully these tips can help the next time you need to shop for your loved one!

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